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keeping water vapor out of walls

A thread in the main forum got me thinking. I did not want to derail the OP's question so I asked here.

I have 4 shower heads in one of my showers. Each one is 2gpm. The entire bathroom becomes a steam room when I am done. I have a 210CFM fan as well as an 80cfm fan. I leave on the 80 almost all day and the 210 runs for 2 hours after a shower. The duct runs are both 8in diameter and 6in diameter. The run length is about 5 feet without any sharp bends and insulated. I get concerned about the vapor going into and through the drywall, but what can you do?? The bathroom ceiling (including shower) is not tiled or waterproofed. Originally I was tempted to redgard the entire bathroom and paint it. I never did. Are there any best practices for this?
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