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The uncoupling mats are the way to go. Schluter has a good mat but, in my opinion, they have way too many ridiculous rules when it comes to spacing the wires that I won't use it.

What I use is the Suntouch Warm Wire and run it in Prodeso Heat mats which are surprisingly similar to Schluters . But Nuheat makes a wire too. Other heat mats that I've tried are Schluter's and Suntouch's which is relabeled from another manufacturer. All those mats are fine.

I haven't tried Ardex's Flexbone heat nor Laticrete's Strataheat but would have no hesitation using either. Honestly, I'm a bit curious about Ardex's system and would like to try it out.

I'd stay away from RPM pads as they have too many steps and there are no savings vs the uncoupling heat mats. Technology has passed them by, in my opinion.
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