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Best Grout for re-grouting 4” ceramic tiles in a shower ??

My shower (45 years old), has 4” white thin ceramic tiles with white grout. The grout gets moldy and cannot be cleaned back to a white color.
Anyway, 10 years ago, I re-grouted the shower using an “Unsanded Ceramic Tile Grout – Latex Fortified” mfg. by Color Tile. It did not last.
5 years ago, I re-grouted using Laticrete unsanded 1600 grout coupled with “Laticrete Grout enhancer” ( claims to inhibit growth of stain causing mold”).
Let’s not chastise me for not keeping the shower dry and/or not cleaning sufficiently or regularly enough)
I am about to re-grout again and would like to get your opinion as to the best Mildew resistinat grout.
Cost is not an issue since I only have 75 square feet.
I was thinking about epoxy, but I found it way too difficult to clean the tile when I installed it on my kitten countertop 25 years ago. I will never attempt that again
I called Laticrete and they recommended that I use a relatively new product of theirs called “Laticrete Spectralock 1”. This is a pre-mix product (about $110/gallon on amazon). Again, the price does not bother me, but I don’t want to have mold stain my grout in the future.
Does anyone have any experience with Spectralock 1 or can recommend even better products other than epoxy? Thanks
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