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Thanks for the response Brian,

Are you using packed deck mud over pea gravel to fill the divot?
or are you just filling the divot with thinset over the pea gravel?

Since I will be using using Cararra Arabescata 2” octagon polished tile (white marble) on the shower floor, would it be a good idea to apply a top layer of Hydroban over the finished divot area upto within 1/4"-1/2" off the drain grate (like Dana suggests) to avoid efflorescence or discoloration of the white Marble?

Also, have you used spectralock epoxy grout with Cararra Arabescata tiles in the past? Not sure if this type of sanded grout would scratch the surface of the white marble if used. Maybe if I used a good sealer on the stone like Porcelain sealer by DryTreat prior to using the spectralock grout would help from etching/scratching the suface of the tile.

What are your thoughts on this....

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