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Water test with exposed mud?


This is my first post here and I apologize for the length. I have tried to search but can not find what I am looking for.

Basically I have a shower pan that is 8 years old and starting to leak. I put an inch of water in the shower and it took about 36 hours to see slight water under the floor, not enough to drip. I isolated the drain by silconing a plastic container around the drain. And filled the pan again. This time no water in a week.

If you look at the picture underneath the area around the drain is not leaking. It comes out to the right where the TGI meets the sheeting.

So I tore out the area around the drain. Upon tear out I found the threaded part of the drain was just setting myself onto the flange due to the mud bed being 1 1/2" thick at the drain. As you can see from the picture everything is solid and in tacked.

So my question are: if I reinstall the top part of the drain flange and silicone it, can I water test this with the mud exposed or will it cause problems with the mud being directly exposed to the water.

Should I just flood the exposed area or the entire floor?

Can I invert the flange so that I can tread the drain into it, due to the bed thickness previously mentioned?

Thank you in advance for the input
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