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Alright, basically finished. All the joists under the bathroom are now doubled up. All the sisters are southern yellow pine, loctite PL premium glued and 1/4"x3" SPAX powerlags screwed. 1/8" pre-drill and staggered 12" spacing recommended by SPAX.
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Cross bridging was removed in joist bays where the sisters went and replaced with solid blocking held in place with joist hangers and glue. I left the old cross bridging where I didn't have to disturb it. I can replace it later and I didn't want to make any new holes that I didn't have to.

For the header, the side with the cracked joist got 2 6" HeadLok's no problem. Predrill through the joists but not into the end-grain per manufacturer recommendation. I drove one into the other side and the header cracked so I stopped there. There are 8 nails already holding it in place so it's alright. I'll keep an eye on it and if it deteriorates I'll trim the joist that ends at the header and double up the header. That joist got a joist hanger as well.

Can't really say the floor above seems a whole lot more solid but it's pretty hard to judge just by doing a jig. I'm considering it done with potential for later improvement. Sorry I really beat the hell out of this topic. Worried about compromising the structural integrity of the house. Thanks to everyone for their help. Hopefully, I haven't driven everyone away from the thread because the next post is actually about tiling, not carpentry.
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