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Finally got to making this happen.

Put a jack post under the center of the of the good sister and tightened it up just enough to take some of the tension out of the joist. Predrilled 3/16" pilot holes through both joists but not into the end-grain of the header (FastenMaster recommendation), countersunk with a 5/8" spade bit, and drove 2 Fastenmaster HeadLok's into the header.

Wanted to glue and strap the crack back together. Put another jack post under the crack in the joist to try to close it up. It closed up by maybe less than 1/8" but mostly it just resulted in further jacking of the joist. Tightened the first post to the first level and left it as is. Overall, the whole thing maybe went up by 1/8" at most, don't see any cracks upstairs. Fastened a 3' simpson strap over the crack anyway. It might add a bit of strength if the wood around the crack is that stubborn.

Glued and screwed a 2x8 to the good sister. Maybe 1-1/4 tubes of PL premium over the 10.5' span. Clamped it. Predrill 1/8" through new and old to avoid splitting, drove 3" SPAX powerlags. It's still sitting on the jacks with the clamps on waiting for the glue to finish setting:
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  • I got an impact driver to drive the powerlas and I've never used it before. I played with it a bit and it seemed straight-forward enough but it likes to strip screw holes in the old wood. It spun a few of the smaller simpson screws when putting up the straps and I think it spun a few of the powerlas as well. Some grab hard enough to sink the washer head into the new wood but some will just continue turning. I added a few extras near the suspect spots.
  • The HeadLok didn't pull everything tight when driven into the header but clamping did so now there's a small gap (~1/16?) between the joist and end of the header. It's held with 4 10d nails and 2 HeadLoks but I could probably fit a 4" joist bracket in too (if I pulled out the nails). The other side of the header has 6 nails holding it in place so I decided not to add the HeadLoks.

I was thinking of cutting the short joist 1-1/2" short of the header, doubling up the header, fastening it in place with 8" headlok's through the 3 2x8s on one side and 6" headlok's on the other, then doubling up the short joist and attaching it to the new header piece with a joist hanger. Is that over-doing it?

Any comments would be appreciated.
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