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I finally found some products to try as suggested on a small area of the floor adjacent to the pee. At the very lowest dilution per package directions, 1:5 (recommended for "light soil buildup", AquaMix Heavy Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner removed the sort of semi-gloss appearance and resulted in a matte appearance just like the original uninstalled tiles that we have in reserve. Additionally, use of TileLab Grout and Tile Cleaner & Resealer (touted as "safe for everyday cleaning") produced the same matte appearance.
From this, I assume that either we have some sort of build up from using Bona Tile cleaner, or there is some finish on the tile that is very easily removed. If this tile was sealed, I wouldn't think that an "everyday cleaner" would remove the finish. Hence the dull spots in various areas of the floor, beyond the pee.
My question: Do I clean the entire floor and bring it back to matte finish, and if I do that, is it advisable to seal glazed porcelain tile? What about the grout? Now I am wondering if the grout was ever sealed originally...
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