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Unfinished basement: 3 different concrete pours

Hello Tile Superheroes, we're really appreciating this forum and the wealth of information we've gathered. Figured we're ready to post a couple specific questions.

Quick background: our house was built 6 years ago by the original owners and contractor family members- very well done on the bones, not so great on the fine details. The basement is essentially unfinished. It was partly finished when we purchased, but we've since demo'ed it. Pictures show what it looks like now from what I'm calling the north and west corners.

There is about 750 square feet, that will become our laundry room/storage area and mother-in-law suite (read: we have several walls to put up first). Then we are going to tile it all. We've purchased the 6"×36" plank porcelein tile that my mom liked. We're planning on using two coats of red gard everywhere.

***So first questions: is it best to go ahead and level/flatten out the whole area before we put in the walls? If so, what about the red gard, should that go on before the walls go up? ***

Now for the funky stuff. There are three different pours. One main one that covers 80% of the floor and has a slight slope downward to the SW wall, less than 1/2" over 25'. **that doesn't have to be leveled better, right?** there are some local mins and maxes we'll fill and grind down.

The second biggest pour is near the east corner. A large crack can be seen between the pours, and there is a sizable step up towards the smaller area pour. **Is it feasible to grind down 75sqft with an angle grinder and diamond cup wheel?** And what do we do with the crack, just use crack filler and proceed as normally, or does it require special treatment?** this is all supposed to be open floor area in the final layout, so we need essentially no lippage here.

The third pour is in the south corner, where they were going to do a built in shower- it was very badly done. That corner is easily 1/2" lower than the west corner. **What should we fill that area with?**

I included some pictures showing our laser level lines on the east and south areas to show how high and low they are relative to each other.

Thanks in advance for all of your help,
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