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Starting my career in hot mop country I can't see why tearing the wire out would affect anything...unless it was fastened into that seat area... in which case you'd want to start fresh again anyway. The company I worked for always treated hot mop like pan liner material, we never fastened into it but bent our wire over the seats and down the front and let the scratch "bond" the wire to the hot mop.

Because the mud work looks so careless I'd want to tear it down to framing, (hot mops aren't my favorite but are pretty resilient when it comes to damaging them) so if it were my job I'd tear out walls and leave hot mop but make sure they didn't fasten into the seat anywhere, flood test, rewire, and scratch and float. I just don't trust sloppy tradesmen... again..especially on a shower. I see it as why waste time and material from this point forward not KNOWING if it's done right at this point. So easy to fix now vs later when all the high dollar material is on it.
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