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12x24 wall tile, grid pattern... carry cut thru?

Hi ...
Looking at a grid pattern (horizontal) for a bathroom, 12x24 on wall. Floor will be 24x24 on diagonal set. Would carry the cut through to the next wall? Say my back shower wall is 5 ft, center of the wall is also the grout line , then I would have a 6" cut on either side that goes into each corner.
Would you carry then 18" to the next wall or just "start over"? I can see if you offset 1/3 you would want to carry cut piece around the corner, but not sure on a straight lay like this.

Or would you go 24" 24" 12" into a corner and then ?

(I could do a 1/3 offset but I think with the large format tile on a diagonal in a fairly small bathroom, it would be too busy. Vertical grid (24" up) might make more sense as that would be more even (5'/12") and and scribing probably not noticeable on the corner turn. But not sure I am a fan of vertical... but if this makes more sense I could do it.)

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