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Drilling Holes in Porcelain

For drilling smaller holes in porcelain as well as a number of other hard materials like granite, most all carbide bits commonly available in hardware and building supply stores seldom work.

Porcelain tile speciality bits like those from PTC work very well and can be ordered through our On-line store.

edit: Link to Contractors Direct at the bottom of the page and labeled "Tile Tool Store"

These bits will drill all porcelain PEI grade 5 tile, ceramic, granite, marble, and other hard to penetrate materials. Typically 10 to 15 seconds is all it will take in grade 5 porcelain.

Water should always be used to cool the tip/cutting edges of these bits. Spray bottles, dams around the holes using putty, cookie dough/silly putty?? , or even a wet sponge/towel squeezed over the cutting area are various means to accomplish this. (Do not use oil based puttys like plumbers putty on natural stone as it could leave a very hard to remove stain).

Optimum drill speed is 900 RPM. If using a rotary hammer drill, no hammer action should be used.

Here are two of the many threads posted on the Forum on drilling tile where you may pick up some other good tips.

An finally, here is a picher of a hole drilled by da Mudmeister himself, John Bridge, through a hard bodied porcelain tile using a PTC bit. Nice and clean, eh?

P.S. And finally, YouTube videos of PTC bits in action.

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