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He's saying you could grind out the grout around the tile you want to remove, slice down through the Nobleseal with a utility knife, carefully pry/chisel/bust out the tile working the inside of the area to the outside, peel up the membrane in however many pieces it takes, then scrape off the thinset to start again.

Yes, you'll want to remove the thinset on the plywood or you'll end up with your new tile standing taller than its neighbors.

Do you have access to a oscillating tool? If so, it'll help cut down on the physical exertion you need to go through. With a grout removal blade, it'll cut down through the grout lines. And with a carbide rasp, it'll make removing the thinset on the plywood rather easy. It is also much easier to control compared to using hand tools and all the "slips" that cause irreparible damage to neighboring tiles are dramatically reduced.

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