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Michael, there is always a concern about a grout scratching a tile until you've grouted one of your test boards with the grout you intend to use.

The MAPEI Flexcolor CQ, in my experience, is not particularly abrasive, but test it on your tiles before you commit if there is any concern at all.

Grouting penny-rounds is a PITA with any grout. With one of the single component grouts, such as your Flexcolor CQ, it can be evern worse as the grout on the surface will want to dry long before the grout in the joints is sufficiently solid to prevent the problem you're seeing. I've not done anything as small as penny tiles with one of those grouts, but I'm thinking I would allow time for the joints to firm up even though that would certainly result in a significant haze problem on the tiles. While that haze can be difficult to deal with, it can be done and might be worth the hassle. Operative word there is might.

Dampening the surface of the tiles, while not introducing water into the joints, before grouting will help. Wringing your sponges 'till they scream will also help. Making only a single pass with a side of the sponge before rinsing can help. That sort of grout is very different to deal with if you're accustomed to using cementitious grout, but paying close attention to the manufacturer's instructions will help.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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