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If you'll look on the bucket you'll see that it says it meets ANSI A136.1, Jan. That's the standard for organic adhesives, commonly called mastic. Yes, Acryl Pro is one such product.

In your friend's defense, the industry standards indicate the use of that product in a tub surround and the manufacturer indicates it for use with natural stone. I feel sure he could have done an equally poor job with a more appropriate thinset mortar.

You do not need any LHT (Large and Heavy Tile) mortar to set your small tiles, nor do I think you'd particularly like or benefit from the use of one. A modified thinset mortar (ANSI A118.4) will suffice quite well in your installation. But you can use whatever you like, including the Acryl Pro, but I'd recommend against that.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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