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No, a high alkaline cleaner won't hurt the aluminum or its finish.

Depending on exactly the gap, a rubber molding may be the very best possible material. But nobody, short of you taking it apart and running to a glass company, is going to be able to get specific.

The plan to use 100% silicone is just fine. I don't think I'd disassemble the door unless I was fully committed to restoring the door for fear of running into problems that would prevent its relative quick re-assembly.

I'd clean everything the best I could and proceed. But once you caulk, don't think it will be easy to remove it later. Silicone *can* be removed. But removing it from a gap without disassembly would be very difficult. I'd advise against caulking before you've had ample opportunity to clean it out to your complete satisfaction. I'd remove that thought from your head thinking you'll do a quick job now and return later.

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