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On the joists, there is not a slope. Any slope there is is actually going in the wrong direction (towards the house just slightly. Overall it is null, but between a couple members that is a little variation. but I would call it no slope.

Thanks for those links. The sill pan link is great. I was looking for something like that.

The TREX is beautiful. I am seriously considering this. I also never thought a roofer for the job. I did seek a second opinion from a tiling company and maybe having a "specialist" do the balcony work, and let the stucco company do the stucco work. I really like this TREX stuff.

Regarding the flashing, that is very helpful on so many levels. It gives insight into what to keep an eye out for.

I already had observed a small detail that caught my eye, they did not use any hangers for the ledger and joist connection to frame the balcony and wanted to rest only the ledger on the beam column and let the joist essentially be supporter only by the generic nails they used.

For stucco I think they got it covered, for some of these other details, they cannot be an expert in everything and I am considering pulling a permit to ensure it passes inspections.

Also the outside roofer is a great idea!
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