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next bath remodel need some advice

First let me say I'm glad I found this forum it sure helped me a lot with a total bath remodel in my house. I moved a wall, relocated lighting, rebuilt a wall installed a niche in the shower which I made of cement board tiled the floor and shower area including the ceiling. I hope to make the next project go faster since it's pretty straight forward.

My next project is the main bath in the house so I want to see if I can keep the toilet and vanity in operation while I replace the tub and tile the tub walls.

questions I have are:

1. Is there any need to install CBU under the tub or can I just install the tub and butt the CBU up to it. The latter would allow me to keep the toilet/sink in operation. The tub is not a drop in.

2. Tiling the tub walls- My tub sits back about 6 inches from an outside corner on one side and I have a door with trim on the other side about 6 inches away also. I'm thinking I should bring the bullnose tile right to the end of the tub or a few inches past. If I go past I'm going to have a funny thin paint line about 3 inches. Bullnose to the outside corner and finish the tiles on the other side up against the trim?

3. Finish outside corners- cbu to sheetrock, what is the preferred method. last remodel I just went over the sheetrock with thinset and made final coats with spackle this allowed me to build up the corner on the sheetrock side and bring the wall right to the edge of the tile.

4. prefab niches- I'm using ceramic tiles how can I finish around the niche and have nice clean edges on tiles with no sharp edges. should I bring bullnose tile from inside the niche to the wall tile and cover that cut edge.

Thank you and sorry for being long winded

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