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Tonto: I think this next generation of kids as a whole are pretty sad when it comes to learning how to do something correctly. I see a lot of good enough. This is the main reason I don't have a helper for flooring work. It is unavoidable in the snow business if I want to make any money at it, so I try to pay a little more to get adults that listen and also that can take direction from a kid, Yep I am a young pup compared to the people that work for me and under me as a area manager. I am pretty sure I am the youngest area manager in my company at the moment and maybe the youngest in the company's 18 year history. I am 39, area manager since I was 34, and had absolutely zero plow experience at 31 when I started with them. But my detail oriented approach at life and my get it done without whining about it attitude got me noticed by the powers that be. Every year I get at least one new sub, I have subs that get paid by the hour and subs that are routed, routed guys get paid a set amount to get their properties done no matter how long it takes. I will have a hourly guy tell me that a property is ready for salt and then the salt guy will call me and tell what a turd the property looks like, and send me pictures of the abomination that they have left( I love pictures, there is no excuses or no I didn't leave that like that with picture evidence) so then I have to have the salt guy fix it or send someone else to fix it so the salt guy can carry on with his route. Now I expect this from a routed guy since he is trying to blow through the property that things might be a little loose but this makes no sense to me when a hourly guy does it, YOU GET PAID BY THE HOUR!!! why in the hell would you leave before the property was tight? And the answer I normally get is "well I thought it was good enough", or I get this one, well I thought we were coming out tonight to do clean up so I figured I would get it then My response normally is " that is what you get for thinking" Then we have to have a heart to heart about what I expect a property to look like before you tell me it is ready for salt. I normally only have to have that talk once and I have to have it more than once that guy gets to go home first until he figures it out

Craig: I am sure it snows on the weekend up there and that your snow boss would be more than happy to let you come out and play
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