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Underneath the bathroom in question is the kitchen and dinette area. The span from the outside wall (the same wall where the bathroom has the shower and bathtub butting parallel above) to the next wall is 21' with the trusses running between the two. It's evident below there's no supporting column or wall in between those two walls. The kitchen directly below completely opens to the family room and the parallel span in the family room(between the same outside wall to the opposite wall) is shorter-15' 6". The entire open area below creates a fat L-shape, with the long part of the L representing the kitchen and dinette below and the bathroom, water closet and clothes closet directly above. The short part of the L represents the family room below and the master bedroom above with common walls.

Hope that helps. I know pictures would help and I'll get some as soon as I can but it may be a day or two...or three. That aside, many of my neighbors have tile in their master baths with the exact same layout and in fact some had tile installed during construction of the homes. And I was present when the inspector went through the house during construction. There's not a whole lot of of building/inspection corruption in these parts so I'm sure it's all kosher.

Anyway, assuming the span is supported fine, what size tile can I safely get to considering the flooring situation?
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