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Well by now you have all heard about the three guys that in 40 seconds shot and killed five innocent people inside a bank lobby in Norfolk Nebraska yesterday.

Have you also heard about the Nebraska Stae Trooper that today shot and killed himself?

Seems this Trooper last week made a traffic stop on one of the killers. The killer at that time was in posession of a 9mm handgun (concealed).

The gun was in fact reported stolen but unfortunately when the Trooper called-in the guns serial number to his dispatch he transposed two numbers of the serial number. This transposition in fact caused the serial number to come back "no record of stolen".

The killer was at that timed arrested and his concealed gun was confiscated. The killer later that day was allowed to "bond-out" but the gun remains in police custody today. It wasn't learned that the gun was a stolen gun until after the murders, someone double checked the serial numbers and the error of the Trooper was discovered.

This particular weapon was not used in the murders but guns like it were.

The hearts of my family go out to the victims and the Troopers families.

This transposition of serial numbers was more than this Trooper could handle emotionally. He told fellow officers that he felt responsible for the killings.

Nebraska State Trooper Mark Zach (1967-2002)

Newspaper Account of Robbery

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