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well i guess he told me today, that when they built the house (which i forgot to ask how old it is again) that was what the plumbers and whoever else told him...would be the best location given the circumstances...which i dont know those either. phone conversation got cut off.

And today he told me that he had someone come in a while back to look at that leak(livingroom) and they fixed the drywall and he said they couldnt find where thte water was coming from lol but it hasnt done it again... I dont know i got a little confused and he really doesnt know how to explain things so well - which is fine and understandable but challenging to understand when you dont get much time to talk like today.

I feel like I am just opening a big can of worms and im pretty sure im just going to not do any work for him. im not skilled pros like all you here hopefully soon tho
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