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Bud Cline
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Better Bench shower benches and shelves

There is a company taking great strides in the manufacture of shower benches and shelves. The INNOVIS CORPORATION is the creator of a product called the BETTER BENCH.

I have personally been using these benches for several years and would highly recommend them for both new shower construction and post shower installations.

Innovis offers both benches and shelves, take a look at their website and see what you think. DIY friendly.

They also have plans to introduce a prefabricated niche that is tile-ready and requires no in wall blocking.

This may still be a secret so don't say anything to anyone just yet.

They didn't tell me not to talk about it but they did send me a unit to peruse and appraise.

So far I see a very promising future for the Innovis Niche also.


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