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Sorry guys for not keeping up on this thread, yes I left the dry pack fluffy and unpacked, and yes it is amazing to set tile on because once tamped with the tile itself it stays exactly how you leave it, doesn’t budge a micrometer. Not only that the adjustments are very easy because you aren’t trying to force air out of your mortar to ensure full coverage you are just gently tamping the tile into its final position.

Since I’m mostly unskilled at that type of install I tried multiple ways, one way that got me a good feel for getting the mud raked out (I used a 3 prong hand rake to fluff/rake the mud) and have enough was after raking it, you set the tile on it dry and tamp it then lift the tile again to see any voids. After you get that process down where you’re raking it well I noticed I wasn’t always raking it to the same height even though I was getting even tamping I.e. Sometimes the tile was lower than expected but the mud still flattened out evenly under the tile with no voids. So instead of trying to get it perfect every time, I had 1/4”-3/8” and 1/2” trowels next to me to back butter the tile with as my “fine tuning” adjustment.

The best part is a bag of tile mortar goes a LONG way because you’re mostly using the 1/4” trowel and the “filler” is all topping mix. So there were times where I was 2-3” high of deck mud but only using a 1/4” combed notch on the tile to make the bond to the deck mud. For the tamping I mostly used my mallet and mallet handle. The handle worked best to get a good solid tamp without reverberation. You hold the actual mallet part in your hand and use the bottom of the handle to tamp the tile down, you don’t seem to ever tamp the edges too much but mostly a circle around the center of the tile. That way you never teeter totter the tile by hitting too close to the edges.

The mud is wet deck mud consistency, so it tamps well but also gets a really good bond to the mortar notched tile.
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