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Thanks for the advice back in January. I ended up buying a Rubi TP40T. I’ve been getting all the other remodeling done, and now I am ready to start laying tile. I started tonight in a small bathroom to sort of get my skills back, since it’s been about 6 years since my last tiling job. Things are not going well at all. I can’t make a good cut on this Rubi to save my life. I took vacation next week, and planned to tile from tonight all the way through. But all I’m doing is making scrap. What is the trick to these things? The break trails off the score line, towards the side of the tile. And if you move the handle out to the middle of the tile, the bar just flexes when you try to break the rest. The instructions say to break within 10mm of the home position. I suppose this is so the breaker is close to the end where the bar is mounted, and can’t flex as much. If you pop the breaker handle, as opposed to more and more pressure until the break occurs, it will crush out a corner of the tile on one side, and the break still isn’t clean. All the breaks are sort of wavy, even when the follow the score line. Any help is appreciated.
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