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The Dell 3530 has three USB 3rd gen high speed ports (standard USB type connector) plus a USB C port which is a bit like the apple lightning connectors used on IPhones.

I realize now, I used the term “dock” in a couple different contexts.

1. The Inateck device I linked to in post 7 can either clone drives as a standalone device or be used to connect a second drive to the computer as a connected hard drive dock.

2. The computers are dock-able meaning the an expansion docking device can plug into the USB C port to provide connection to a monitor, network and several more USB ports for the keyboard / mouse. Previously this was achieved by docking the computer on a fixed base that mated to the computer using a connector that was proprietary for each manufacturer. New systems are configured with open standard ports such as USB 3 and USB C along with Thunderbolt so that a docks (aka expansion modules) by Dell, HP or Targus (etc.) will work for any computer with the matching port.

What this means to me is I’ll have to buy all new docking hardware because the dozens of legacy Dell docks we currently have are no longer used on the new Dell computers! More $$ to Mr. Dell.

This article discusses the merits of various docking solutions.

Hope this helps!

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