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Guys, I really appreciate all the extra effort here.

Shawn, I gave up on desktop computers years ago (when I burned my last two) and went to using a laptop exclusively with a big monitor (so I can actually see what's on there) and a remote keyboard that is actually useful. Don't wanna go back to having more than one computer and, while I no longer travel to ceramic tile functions, I want that computer to be portable.

PC, when you speak of having the hard drive permanently docked, you're speaking of the device you linked in post #7? Had never seen nor heard of such devices. Only problem I see is that it appears that the Dell laptops you referenced don't appear to have more than one USB port and I already use three, one for my keyboard, one for my printer, and one for my speakers, which is 'zackly how many my current Toshiba has available. Am I missing something?

Originally Posted by PC
Both are dock-able to monitors and keyboards using the USB C or Thunderbolt connectors; we prefer Thunderbolt because of the faster performance and the ability to drive two monitors.
And I'm not familiar with either of those terms. USB I recognize, of course, but USB C rings no bells. And for sure I've never heard of Thunderbolt.

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