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I'm such a procrastonator! I don't know why I just don't get the one that Jasc makes. I was looking at some reviews through and wherenot a short time ago and was quite impressed by MS PictureIT's features. As I recall it was the feature that allowed you to assign a rating system for your pictures. Like a 1-5 star scale. I thought that would be cool since I have a lot of angles of the same thing or vertical and horizontals of same subject that even I might be able to make some sense from my 'collection'. Problem is that one day I'll like one of my photos and next day it's so-so. Guess it depends on what mood I'm in .

But you're absolutely right! I should just get the Jasc program and start organizing! What could it hurt? It can be a gift to me for getting ALL the tile laid. YEAH!

Thanks, Joe.

Oh yeah, and I redid that poor boy that was in trouble for killing the duck. He looks much happier playing with me in the sand don't ya think?
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