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Dave, isn't that just about the way it goes too! You're probably underestimating your own photos because you took them yourself.

Randy, Yeah, I have too much FREE TIME! And if I could stand up straight and stretch out my arms again I'd show ya how much! (Ugh, where's my spine?!?) Actually, I'm off work right now so I do have a lot of time. Some day I'll actually get all the photos organized too and put them on a site. Anybody wanna help?

I just happened to set the tiles in that sunlit spot, and on my next trip into the room took a double take and wahlah! There's other's of that stack of tiles of course.

Macro photos are great and they don't really take a lot of talent to do. It's mostly about a low aperture and a slow speed and of course a stable surface. But I also like weird stuff, and things that have hard angles. I have a friend who likes photography too and he's always ragging on me about my 'view' of things. I haven't had as much success with landscape photos though; they're not bad but not always great either.

Here's a 'self portrait' of sorts that I took yesterday in that same sunlit window.
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