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I'm a web developer full time so if anyone has any specific questions feel free to ask.

As for tools, I use Macromedia Dreamweaver. You can pay to get your own domain name then pick a hosting company. For about $20 a month the hosting company will host your site with your own domain name.

The point of a web site is to not rely on it to bring in leads.... at least not initially. The point is to keep your name fresh in peoples mind so they can check out your site, say, 2 weeks after they visit you. This will give them a comfort level to let you know your going to be around and not a fly by night operation.

The approach to getting your site out their should be multifacited:
register with search engines, put it on your store literature & biz cards, run a couple ads in local papers AND local web sites, put it in your sig (and post to other related forums like this), etc...

Once you do these successfully you will likely get people who find you purely via the web, so you don''t have to totally rely on word of mouth.

Hope this helps...
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