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I guess I'm asking what side should my glass door mount to?
Will 2x4 be strong enough?
And should it be centered or closer to outside? I am trying to make everything inside shower slope in.

Thinking ahead to shower door and then where the peak of my ramp and mud bed should be. Wondering about how most glass door hinges mount on the wall. Are they narrow enough to mount in one stud the 1.5" side? ?

I put a 2x4 facing the door location on my wet knee wall. I had planned on door centered on steam wall left side in pictures. The facing stud is joined with a cross stud at the end to form a strong tee. But this puts the door center 1/4" from the 2x4 joint. I'm starting to wonder if this flat 2x4 was such a good idea to mount a heavy door. It is only going to be a 26" wide door so not real heavy. But maybe I should plan to mount the door centered in the end stud say 1.25" plus tile thickness from outside of shower? Not centered in 2x4 in the 5.5" wide wall across at 1 3/4" . Instead mount it at the center of the end Support stud. the reason I think of this is I'm visiting my brother's brand new house and it appears his wall stud has flexed under the weight of their heavy shower door and now the tops of the glass door and wall glass wall are hitting. He has 9 ft tall ceilings so that stud if there's only one going vertical maybe has flexed with the weight of the door. Seeing new construction quality I think it's best OCD people buy older houses with quality craftsmanship or build their own.

I was planning on the door being a left hand but maybe I should mount it on the end wall? There is a toilet in green area and that was the reason I didn't. I wish I had doubled up this end stud but do you think it would hold a door?
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