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Welcome, Chris.

It would be helpful if you'd add a geographic location to your User Profile.

Looks more like a basic repointing application to me.

Can't tell how your steps might have been set initially, but if the stones are still solid, I'd be inclined to try to pull out all the loose mortar I could, wash the joints out well, and then re-pack the joints with a Type S or M mortar. You can find Quikrete's Mortar Mix or Mason's Mix at your local home center and either would be suitable for the application, but I forget which actually meets the Type S requirements. I think one or the other is only a Type N. Wouldn't hurt to toss in a bit more Portland cement if in doubt.

What is the reason for that black color? Were the steps painted, or is that some other sort of coloring?

My opinion; worth price charged.

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