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Deck Mud Calculation for Kerdi Shower Floors

The Mud Calculator can also be used for a Kerdi shower floor. However, since a Kerdi floor has one layer instead of two, a few minor tweeks to the calculation process is required.

Illustration - Shower size is 4' x 6' (48" x 72").

Referring to the example below:
  • Depth of the mud bed at the drain is installer determined, in this case 1 ¼”.
  • Depth at the far wall using the ¼” slope per foot of run rule will be 2”.

We now have all the numbers necessary to complete the Input section of the Mud Calculator depicted below. Important note - you only need the Preslope input and output section of the Calculator. Totally ignore the Top layer deck mud thickness, leaving the default value of 1.5” as is.
Data input looks like this:

Solution - Deck Mud requirements for this Kerdi shower floor example is:
260 lbs. of Sand Topping Mix plus an additional 130 lbs of sand
65 lbs. of Portland cement plus 325 lbs. of sand.

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