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Gypsum- is a naturally occurring product derived from gypsum deposits both on the surface and sub surface of the earth composed of soils and unconsolidated sediments cemented by gypsum.

It is commonly used by manufacturers of construction industry materials to make a variety of products. For this forum we will address it’s use as a floor substrate. Gypcrete has become a generic term for gypsum cement floors.

When mixed with sand, water and other additives it may be poured or pumped in a semi-liquid state which will eventually solidify and will act as a sub floor for finished floor goods, such as carpet or tile. It is usually installed in large commercial buildings or large residential projects such as multi-unit condos or apartment buildings.

Gypcrete floors are not DIY projects; the manufacturers only permit installation by licensed applicators.

Before specifying the use of gypcrete sub floors, contact the manufacturer of the finished flooring which will be installed for warranty information. Gypsum floors when exposed to water will tend to re-emulsify.
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