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Aspiring Contractor - First Attempt at Tile Shower: Think Tank

Hey Everyone,

Been working supporting some old school contractors for many of my younger years, and now branching off onto some projects of my own, mainly a family home that needs renovation to start. I'd like to tackle a few walk-in tile showers, nothing too exotic or elaborate, but head-to-toe remodel. I've worked on a few similar jobs so I have some hands on experience and now feel confident to head out on my own, with some practice and planning. I've been watching youtube videos, Schluter-Kerdi instructional videos, and anything Sal Diblasi like a mad-man. I plan to do a deck mud pan and kerdi board with kerdi band and a kerdi drain.

Plumbing aside, I have a few questions for all you seasoned vets out there. Apologies if this has been covered somewhere before, but I thought it wise to check in here:

1) Where do faulty showers fail predominately? What is most important to keep in mind for avoiding common pitfalls?

2) What important micro-considerations/hacks are there from all you pros after many years on the job? IE: What are those small (or big!) 80/20 things you obsess over or give some extra anal consideration when doing a shower install that go a long way in guaranteeing a good result and minimizing your fear of a callback?

3) What resources would you recommend for further education before diving in? Are the Kerdi shower and bathroom remodeling (1 & 2) John Bridge e-books a must-read? Not trying to avoid the proper education here, I will gladly buy any and all reading and geek away, but just curious as to opinions.

4) I posted another thread about my practice deck mud pan, so if you care to weigh in, I threw that into it's own post.

Thanks in advance everyone! This forum is great!
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