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And yes, if you replace the drain & trap assembly, you would most likely choose a PVC replacement and then connect it to a flexible (preferably shielded) connector (aka "Fernco" etc.) that is rated for burial (i.e. the hardware is made out of stainless steel and thus corrosion resistant for decades to come).

How far to replace? It depends. At least just past the trap, obviously.

In my case it was simpler to run a completely new line from the shower to the toilet drain and tie it into that. I had to replace the riser & flange of my toilet drain anyway (cast iron that had been severely damaged during construction from the very beginning and was thus leaking water under the slab). The overall length of the run was only three feet. It felt better to replace the entire run.

Altogether, what and how much you replace really depends on your overall plumbing situation. After decades of use, though, it's good preemptive practice to replace as much as you can if you're opening up the slab anyway. Not pleasant to work on, I agree. But looking at your pics, I'd want a new drain installed for my shower and wouldn't want to work with this old thing.
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