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Ok so I have purchased all required materials to lay 1/2" nominal plywood in my bathroom on top of the 3/4" currently in place. Before I lay this down I would like to ask a quick question or two:

First, can someone please explain to me how adding another layer of plywood will help with deflection (as opposed to adding to the deflection)? I mean I know there is a rhyme & reason behind it, but I am just one of those types who has to know "why" I am doing something before I actually do it. To me it seems as if it would just add weight to the already "weak" 10" I-joist w/ 3/4" plywood on 24" centers.

Secondly, right now I have a threshold "down" into the bathroom. After this layer + backerboard I will be above creating a step up into bathroom (how big of a PIA is that gonna be)?

Is they a rule of thumb for walk in showers? Meaning if I have 2 walls + 1 glass wall, and the shower is 42" deep x 36" wide (when facing shower) and shower head is on right wall (hopefully this creates a mental image that makes sense). Would this suffice for a walk in shower? What about one of the (hidden in floor drains?) I just really want to make what was a 36x36 shower into a shower that feels bigger and more luxorious

Finally, last question (for now anyways )...we are likely not going to be in this home much longer (wish I'd found that out before beginning this project), however the skeptic I try to be sees an opportunity to increase home value. What kinds of changes will add value? For example, would it be worth moving shower and toilet to allow for a bigger shower? What about getting rid of tub to create an enormous walkin shower? Are we to that point yet where homeowners realize they don't use bathtubs that often and would prefer a nice walk in shower? Tile material? Heated floor? Etc. (all comparables will likely all be linoleum only in the bathroom).

I appreciate all your help! Have a great night all!

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