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Hi, Stuart. Happy Easter!

The shine comes from the smoothness of the stone, not any sort of topical sealer. It may be true to get temporary results from a sealer. But all things considered, I wouldn’t waste my time on temporary results when you’re just about to round third and have home in sight.

I think you missed some info in the previous posts. John talked about getting to a honed finish at 600 grit....and Argile talked about getting to a shine at 2000 grit...and high polish with polishing compound. Depending on your method and how thorough you were with each step, I think you can get shine faster than going all the way to 2000+. But...

Unfortunately, it looks like you extended your re-finishing of the rounded bullnose edge to the flat side of the tile, thereby dulling the face of the tile. That sort of forces your hand at continuing your polishing efforts to match that high shine. How are you polishing? Spinning wet polisher? By hand and spritzing with water? Random orbital sander and spritzing with water?

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