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Sealing Ultracolor Plus FA is completely optional. To Davy's point, the grout itself is not a food source for mold, so sealing it may or may not make a real dramatic difference as soap residues can be on the surface of the grout and tile whether sealed or not. Many folks have had good luck with running a glass squeegee down the walls after each shower before getting out.

Sealants and caulks are meant to fill a gap, not go over a solid surface like grout. If you apply a sealant over a grouted joint, it will likely tear and crack over time, and it will not be able to do its job. Removing the grout with an oscillating multi tool with a grout blade will likely be the easiest way to go about it. If you are worried about damaging the tub with the grout removal process, there are hand grout saws; though they are quite a bit more labor intensive!
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