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Grout Questions for Shower

Just had my alcove tub/shower tiled. Matte finish porcelain subway tiles w/ Mapei Ultracolor Plus unsanded grout, 1/8" grout lines (bathroom floor was tiled as well, same grout). The grout is on the lighter side and from most folks I know their complaints about tile showers are keeping the grout clean. I've read several threads on sealers on the site and take it that as for floors - sealers offer little more than some extra time to clean up spills, dirt from foot traffic will still penetrate and requires regular cleaning.

1. I'm wondering if there is any benefit to using a high quality sealer on the grout in the shower, to avoid staining from soap scum etc? I know the mapei ultracolor plus says sealing not required, but Id rather error on the side of overprotective if it has any benefit. Still some work left to do in bathroom so now is the time to seal if appropriate.

2. Tile guy grouted the bottom of the shower wall/tile where it meets the rim of the acrylic tub. Ive learned from the site that silicone/bath sealants should be used at plane transitions. I'm assuming applying silicone/sealant over the grout is a no no? Do I have any option other than tooling out the grout?

Thanks in advance
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