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Wayne, beware also of statements such as Versabond being "lightly modified" and that being the reason it will work in certain environments. Not sure where that got started (Versabond is lightly modified) nor do I really know what that means. I don't know what polymer(s) is used to modify Versabond, nor how much of it is used and I doubt anyone on these forums does with the exception of our good friend Steve Taylor who usta be the head chemist for Custom Building Products. Aside from Steve, I wouldn't depend upon any statements about the content of that particular thinset mortar. The manufacturer states that it meets the standards of ANSI A118.4 and .11 and that's the full extent of my personal knowledge of it's makeup.

That said, I can personally testify that a baseball sized ball of Versabond will cure quite well while encased in double Ziplock freezer bags on accounta I've tried it more than once. Does that mean it will cure properly and exhibit its advertised properties when used in your proposed application? I can't prove that, but if I were in a position to want to do what you're proposing I would not hesitate for a minute to use Versabond. See my warranty information below.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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