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What is Chromotherapy? explained by Kroia (

What is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy (or colour therapy) is an ancient healing philosophy that relies on the vibration of colour wavelengths to gently bring about a state of harmony. Similar to Einstein’s theory (E=MC2), chromotherapy teaches that our bodies, including our cells, muscles, nerves and organs- of which skin is the largest- are all forms of vibrational energy. The healing practice of chromotherapy re-introduces the correct vibrations through the use of colours to restore harmony and balance and enhance beauty.

In order to better understand chromotherapy, it is important to note that each colour has its own unique wavelength (measurement in space), which vibrates at a specific rate (frequency). These vibrations, depending on their rate, can help stimulate, calm, energize and balance the body. For example, red has the longest wavelength and the lowest vibratory rate, and at the other end of the spectrum, violet or purple has the shortest wavelength and the fastest vibratory rate.

“The different frequencies of each colour determine its healing property”
explains Karla Farach, founder and president of KROIA. “ Blue, for example, is used to soothe and calm, while yellow is known to energize and stimulate”. These principles are currently applied in modern medicine.

Colour affects every aspect of our lives. It defines our surroundings, reflects our feelings, mood and emotions. According to Mrs. Farach, “holistically speaking, the mind and the body are one in the same. Therefore, what affects us emotionally, affects us in the physical dimension. Because each colour has certain frequency, it incites different feelings and effect on us.”

The Science Behind it

In scientific experiments, warm colours (red, orange and yellow) have been shown to arouse those who are troubled with depression. They have been shown to arouse the nervous system, increase muscle tone, increase blood pressure in hypertensive individuals, and increase the frequency of blinking. Conversely, cool colours (blue, green and Indigo) have been shown to calm and tranquilize anxious subjects, lower blood pressure and alleviate muscles, spasm and insomnia.

In the world of beauty, skin care treatments, which incorporate the principles of chromotherapy, are gaining popularity. Photo-rejuvenation or LED (Light Emitting Diode) light therapy has been used for many years in skin care. LED therapy has been proven by NASA to “increase Fibroblast proliferation”, which is critical to collagen production. Currently, light therapy is used to enhance collagen production, reduce wrinkles, soften scars and minimize cellulite. Blue light frequencies are used to kill acne bacteria and red light frequencies are used to repair acne scarring and reduce inflammation. Red light is also used to her reduce cellulite.

Additionally, micronized minerals and coloured gemstones are being used in skin care to charge and energize the skin. In spas, coloured crystals are used in bodywork to help unlock energy channels, while colour lights and water treatments are used to help revive or relax the body.

The latest beauty innovation to harness the power of colour through chromotherapy is KROIA . The word KROIA is derived from the Greek word Chroma, which means colour, and Chroia, which means hue.

The Developments

Developed by Karla Farach, a certified Colour Counselor from the Dominican Republic, KROIA Skincare applies the ancient principles of chromotherapy to the skin, by delivering colour-saturated highly effective ingredients-including pure aromatherapy extracts and essential oils, and the latest most advanced active ingredients; micronized gemstones crystals, which work as energy amplifiers and help deliver the beneficial colour energy frequencies to the skin.

Through KROIA, Mrs. Farach hopes to provide women with an alternative, holistic approach to their beauty regimen.

This text was reprinted with permission from Kroia
Copyright 2010 Kaffa Inc.

Visit Kroia's website here

127 East 59th Street
New York, NY 10022

Tel 917 385 5415
Fax 212 624 0218

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