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Rob Z
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Laticrete 4237 + 500 series sanded grout

Lat 4237 was originally developed in the late 50\'s to be mixed with job site sand/cement to make a latex modified thinset.

4237 contains latex, retardants, and tactifyers. All that is needed to make thinset is to add sand and cement in a 1:1 ratio. This can be accomplished with Laticrete 211 Crete filler powder. 211 is nothing more than ANSI approved graded aggregates and portland cement, in a 1:1 ratio.

For exterior jobs, high temperature conditions, and/or setting over a mud bed, 4237 can be mixed with Lat 317 or Lat 272 to get a latex thinset with double the amount of retardants and tactifyers. The open time and adjustability are much longer than using regular thinset.

To make a colored thinset, mix 4237 with Laticrete 500 series sanded grout. The grout is 1:1 sand/cement, and contains no latex. The 4237 provides the rest of the ingrediants to make thinset. The nice thing about this is when setting mosaics, any excess that oozes up through the tile can be struck off with a grout float and sponge. The next day, mix the same color 500 series grout with Lat 1776 grout additive and grout all the joints that didn\'t get the ooze in them.

It is important to use the 1776 additive in the grout because it has comparable quality and quanty of latex, and helps to minimize or eliminate the shading problems that you might expect to see when grouting an installation on different days.

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