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SpectraLOCK Grout Haze Removal - If it happens

Again from Rob Nash, a write-up on haze removal.

This is adapted from out Haze Removal Datasheet:

The best way to alleviate the residue in the first place is to ensure that a final wash is done the same day that the grout is installed. If you use a terrycloth towel to dry glossy tiles before you leave the job you will have best results.

If you leave water spots you may have haze. If you are the type of guy that does a ton of cheese cloth buffing on regular grout.... you want to be a bit cleaner on the second wash.

SpectraLOCK Pro isn't sticky, it's kind of oilly. It's pretty easy to clean up if you have haze. 100X easier than our regular SpectraLOCK (old version only sold in Mini units at Lowes - Thank the Lord.)

Within 24 hours for LATICRETE SpectraLOCK Pro Grout, 12 hours LATAPOXY 2000 Industrial Epoxy Grout, and 24 hours for LATAPOXY SP-100 Stainless Grout for Floors N' Walls, the tiles should be cleaned with a new sponge or nylon pad with soapy water (clear liquid dishwashing detergent works best). Add a bit of White Vinegar and SpectraLOCK Part C Colorant Powder.

Liquid Electric Dishwashing detergent with a nylon scrub pad can also be used on LATICRETE SpectraLOCK Grout and LATAPOXY SP-100 Stainless Grout for Floors N' Walls within 24 hours of the grout installation.

Good results have been achieved by using one of the following cleaners for installations that are older than 24 hours:

Mask off the work area to protect adjacent finished surfaces. Follow the manufacturer’s application instructions.

• The Miracle Company – Epoxy Grout Film Remover (800) 350-1901
• The Miracle Company – H20 Strip (800) 350-1901
• Aqua Mix – Sealer & Adhesive Remover (800) 366-6877
• Dominion Restoration – Petra 7 (800) 835-4456
• Stone Tech – Heavy Duty Coating Stripper (888) 786-6343
• Walter Legge Company – Legge Stripper/Tex Spar (800) 345-3443

For stubborn film that also includes part C filler powder use a commercial gel type water cleanable paint remover (e.g. Zip Strip, Strip Eze, Red Devil, Jasco), and scrub with a nylon pad to dislodge the haze. Always conduct a small test area to verify results. Do not over expose the grout joints to these cleaners.

Neutralize the effects of the cleaners by thoroughly rinsing the floors with either TSP or a solution of baking soda and clean water. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water. WARNING/ CAUTION: Strong detergent solutions require eye protection and gloves.

Another alternative that can be used for tiles that will not scratch:

• Use Electric Dishwasher Detergent Powder Type (Cascade/Electrosol, etc...). 1/4 cup (0.059 Liters) per 3.5 gallon (13.2 Liters) pail of warm water. Wet floor with a mop (liberally) and apply the dishwasher detergent /water solution. Then broadcast silica sand over the floor. Use a buffing machine with a white 3M pad and make several passes over the floor. Next, vacuum up the solution and sand with a wet vac. Rinse well with clean water. Repeat process as required.

• Thoroughly rinse area with clean water to insure that all the detergent solution has been removed.

• The cleaners listed above can also be used with sand and then agitated with a nylon scrub pad.

To ensure good results and compatibility with the tile or stone, always verify results with a small test area.

The best way to avoid grout haze is to do a thorough cleaning the day of the installation.

Try the non-chemical version of the above first.


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