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Edit: See post #14 in this thread for more info on how to construct corner shower shelves

Everyone is familiar with the classic soap dishes and shampoo shelves that have been in showers and tub surrounds forever.

These accessories should be considered in addition to all the other details you must think of when designing and planning your new shower or tub surround.

Soap dishes are inexpensive and can be located anywhere within the tile layout you choose. They don't have to be centered unless of course that's how you want them. Nosiree!

Sometimes it is more convenient to place a soap dish forward of center in your tub surround for easy access while sitting in the tub. Or maybe a second soap dish on the back wall to make it easy on you when giving the kids a bath, shorter reach you know.

An additional soap dish can be located in the front wall of your shower/tub surround somewhere below the showers spray head for stand-up convenience.

The same goes for shampoo shelves, but they do sometimes cost a little more than a soap dish. Place them where they are convenient for you. Most shampoo shelves are corner shelves however, and that pretty well tells you (almost) where they must be installed. The height however is up to you. Think of your own personal convenience.

Traditionally soap dishes and shampoo shelves are set into the tile as you make your installation. These accessories are however available in a style that will clip-on after the tile is installed. This style requires you to drill holes in your tile, place plastic anchors, attach a clip, then slide the accessory into the clip. Finally the appropriate caulk should be used to seal the installation and finish the appearance. No one can tell they are clip-ons.

In addition to these manufactured accessories, you also have the option of using maybe a large piece of marble or granite tile, or a piece of solid surfacing material such as Corian. These items can be cut to a triangular shape and installed at the same time the tile is installed with minimum effort. Solid surfacing material comes in every color you can imagine and can make a great color accent if you choose.

Keep in mind that this type of homemade shelf should slope slightly (try saying that five times real fast) towards the shower or tub so that water does not stand in the corner atop the shelf.

There is yet another method of installing soap dishes and shampoo shelves available to you when designing your tub/shower accessories and their locations.

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