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I use a wheelbarrow and a hoe, then shovel into buckets. 100 lbs is what I have mixed at once which is approx 2.5 five-gallon buckets. Probably enough for half of a 60 X 32" shower....depending on a few factors.

Your screed stick material.....cut yourself a number of different lengths between your longest dimension and shortest (perimeter to drain length) and have them handy as you are tamping and screeding. For a rectangular shower, I find that 4 different lengths work for me. I'm sure pros can do it with eyes closed but from a DIY'er prospective, I need the different screed lengths.

Set your perimeter, add mud where low between perimeter and drain, pack and screed, add, pack and screed then pack again. Check with screed, "add/pack/screed/pack" as necessary to have a perfectly flat slope to the drain, no matter where that flat screed runs from perimeter to drain.
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