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Shower Mud Bed Tear Out?

I've been a lurker for a couple years now learning a lot from this forum. The knowledge I've learned has been invaluable. The internet can be wonderful in the right applications.

On to my question - I am working on installing a shower for the master bathroom and opted for a mortar bed for my shower pan since my 3'x5' shower is slightly offset from the drain, which is buried in the concrete slab. I am using a Schluter drain and finished putting down Mapei's 4-TO-1 MUD BED MIX on Monday at 4pm at a 1/4" per foot slope down to the drain, which was placed at 3/4" above the slab per recommended thickness for the bed. I noticed the next day that there was a significant amount of grain on the surface but let it sit to cure for another day. Today, I swept and vacuumed the pan and saw some uneven spots.

I used a 6in tape knife to scrape out any spots that seemed like they could crumble or were a slightly different (darker) color than the rest of the pan. I believe this could be because I mixed 1 bag and packed all the edges. I then mixed two more full bags at the same time and packed them to fill the middle. I also soaked some of the mud to stuff it up under the drain. The bag said the pot life was up to two hours, which I definitely took.

I'm thinking I might have waiting to long and not packed some of the second batch enough as a couple of the darker areas sounded hollow. I used a crowbar and mallet to chisel out those areas that sounded porous. In one spot, I've reached the slab. Everything else has a 1/4" to 1/2" deviation but is pretty rock solid. The small drain holes around the edges appear to have mud that's a bit loose but it doesn't give when standing on it. I can definitely scrape some of the dried mix out if I tried though. Regarding the pan, I've walked, jumped, kicked, etc. on the bed and it seems solid.

So finally my question - should I tear this out and start over? If so, what's the best tool to get it out and save the curbs and drain?

Or do you think this is salvageable and I can get more mud and throw down a bit of thin-set in the hole to bond it to? Same with the edges of the drain?

I want to do this right. My main concern is how to properly get the mud bed out if I need to tear it out as I does seem a large portion set well.
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