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4th time is the charm

I'm back again, this time under my own name. I realized that I've had generic accounts for Florida Tile, MAPEI, Metropolitan, and now (as of August 2022) for Schluter so it would probably be easiest to just be Dan going forward.

I'll do my best to answer your Schluter questions but unless it's a very general question, I'll probably steer you to your local rep. In fact, I suggest you start there because those guys and gals are incredibly talented and know the nuances of your market. Unlike other companies, they want you to ask them questions. Try it! You'll be surprised.

I'll also do my best to answer questions you may have about product standards, the TCNA Handbook, sustainability, and other tile nerd stuff. I sit in a lot of those meetings so chances are I've heard your question discussed by a big group of really smart people at some point or another.

If you have general questions about tile or installation products, feel free to ask me. I've worked for 4 tile manufacturers and 2 installation products companies so chances are good I'll be able to give you an answer. If not, Schluter has a pretty amazing staff of engineers, scientists, and former installers who will know the things I don't.

I'm looking forward to diving back in, the JB Forum feels like home!
Dan - Schluter Systems
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