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Alan D
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About to lay Hardibacker on Subfloor w/ mortar

Hi again,

I am about to lay down my hardibacker onto the subfloor with mortar, and I was wondering how long till I can walk on it and set my bath tub on top of it.

Obviously I will need to screw it in after it is set down so It will have some pressure applied to it, but will it be ok to walk on or set the bath in.

Or do I need to wait 24hrs

and for the guys who helped me out before, Just want to let you know that I installed the extra 2x6 joist halfway along my bath room so the spacing is more like 5 feet insted of 10feet. Used cinder blocks and wood to hold it up, I just need to fill in a few gaps between the new joist and original joist, and keep an eye on it over the next couple of months.

Thanks again
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