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Yeah Alan, sorry about the informality earlier...Welcome aboard! There are some really good, knowledgeable people here.

Ed kinda hit on the 2x12 joist hangers. The 2x12 gives you enough hanger to nail onto the joists. You have 5 1/2" of doubled beam on the bottom part of hanger, and the top 5" of the hanger nails into the joist.

At the minimum, I would have a hanger every 48" (e.g. 16" o.c. = every third joist & 24" o.c. = every other joist). Use the 10d 1 1/2" approved hanger nails. They have the shear strength necessary for this application.

I like using 2x stock b/c of opposing grains can make stronger and less twisting than 4x stuff. Down here in MS, we use PT pine stuff as much as possible. If using PT, make sure you use PT approved fasteners and nail/screw the piss out of them together (more is better!).

CX is right. I said put supports at ends. He is more correct that you don't want more than say 6' span b/w pillars for the 2x6's. I would figure about 5 1/2' per support. That means you can have about 2 1/2' hang-over on the ends. I wouldn't really want to go a full 3'. So, for 2 pillars, you could max out at 11'. If you want to push 12' do at your own discretion, but you are better widening on the inside than more hang-over (IMO).

Remember, when "shimming" use "opposing wedges," and just tighten b/w any high joists and then beam. Don't over do it. If using PT, you may want to come back every other week for 6 weeks or so b/c most PT is still wet and will shrink when drying out. You may even have to shim where the beam once touched the joist.

Again, good luck. Also, there are no "stupid" questions, only uninformed/misinformed.

Don't hesitate to ask for further assistance. These guys rock!

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